CEO's Greeting

"Can not I record people's lives more specifically through my engineering knowledge?"

I decided to start my own business because of this question I had when I worked at at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea Institute of Science and Technology and Korea Standards Research Institute.

We are doing business of VUEcam, which stands for 'Life is logging' slogan, which means to record important moments of everyday life, and contents service that leave people's records in 3D by 3D scanning and 3D printing solutions that will lead to innovation in the 4th industry.

In 2013, three young men in Daejeon have founded The-S and It's been 5 years with 11 members now.

There were many pleasant moments and difficult moments, but it seemed that I was constantly worried about not losing the initial resolution when I was founded.

So now that I am able to introduce you to VUECAM and 3D Remento studio, It is deeply moved.

I would like to be able to remember and share your life with photos, videos and 3D contents that are memorable to your family and friends, thanks to our innovative technology.

It's still not enough, but I promise do my best to bring better products and value to consumers.

CEO Min-gu, Lee

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